Tile, Grout, Stone​ Cleaning Services


At Restoration Services San Antonio, we don’t just deal with water extraction, carpet cleaning and sewage removal in San Antonio, TX. We also deal with tile, grout, and stone cleaning services in San Antonio, helping our neighbors live in cleaner homes one cleaning at a time.

It’s important to keep your tile and stone cleaned and rid of grout. Grout is a type of mold that grows in the humid cracks of most tiles and stones. Whenever you clean the surface of your tile, there’s a good chance that you’re missing the nooks and crannies where this grout grows. When grout becomes dense, it grows dark, and this is often when you’ll see the dark streaks that go through your bathroom or shower tile. The same thing can happen to stone, whether it’s indoor or outdoor.

Grout is especially prone to growing in humid environments, which means that your home is at risk for growing a grout population after flooding or plumbing leaks. Grout generally stays with smooth, humid surfaces, however, it has been known to also grow in laminate flooring if the environment is humid enough.

With Restoration Services San Antonio, you can rest assured knowing that your grout problem is taken care of the first time around with our professional tile, grout, and stone cleaning services. We will make sure that your tile and stone is properly cleaned of any grout growth after a significant leak or flooding damage. Give us a call today and see what we can do for you.